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Aug 5

Jessica Connolly shares her inspiring story of raising 4 daughters to be connected to their feminine power and potential, and how that is possible to cultivate at any age.  Having grown up disconnected from her own femininity and knowing the pain of a challenging mother-daughter relationship, Jessica was terrified each time she found out she was having a daughter.

Her journey of healing and re-connecting with her own feminine cycle was the catalyst for Jess to shift the focus of her relationship with her daughters to inviting them into awareness of the gift of our feminine cycle by embodying this powerful connection herself.

Together, we describe a one-of-a-kind collaborative project designed for mothers who want to empower their daughters to form a vital, healthy connection to the sacred power of the feminine cycle.

Moon Daughters, our new project, is a one of a kind, immersive group program that offers practical tools, personal transformation and powerful community for women who want to intuitively and confidently guide their daughter in her unique transition to womanhood.

Using the cycles of the moon and the seasons all around and within us as our guide, we help women and daughters awaken their feminine power and form a deep, trusting connection that spans the journey from childhood to womanhood.

This 6 week immersive group launches September 3rd, and is open for enrollment today with early bird pricing!  Check out the website for all of the details!

You can also join Jess and I on Instagram LIVE next week on Tuesday, August 13th at 9:30am where we will answer all of your questions about empowering our daughters, cyclical living and details of the Moon Daughters Program!

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Moon Daughters

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Join us LIVE on instagram August 13th at 9:30am PST for a follow up conversation!

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About Our Guest:

Jessica Connolly is an entrepreneur and a holistic personal development coach with an emphasis on the spiritual formation of women and families. She lives in Ocean Beach, San Diego with her husband Clayton and their four daughters.

Jessica has a Masters degree in Biology and is a certified birth doula. She sees her experience and training as a doula extending into her work as a holistic life coach by intuitively holding space for personal development, strategic visioning and soul formation as a “spiritual midwife”. She is passionate about attending the “births” of the ideas, dreams, businesses and life transitions of her coaching clients.

Her experience mothering a big family and extensive training in spiritual formation and development pathways as a coach has given her a passion for conscious family formation. She offers a coaching track that helps families create their tribe culture, live from meaningful shared values and discover who they are when they’re together so they can impact their communities.

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