Why A Postpartum Doula Could Change Your Life — 075

Sep 17

A lack of support during her postpartum transition inspired today’s guest, Kate Turza, to become a certified postpartum doula. Feelings of frustration and loneliness crept over her after the birth of her third child. Her searches for support in her rural Long Island community came up empty. She decided to offer women the support she wished she’d had by becoming a doula and by joining the board of a non-profit that facilitates a monthly birth circle.

During our conversation, Kate shares the problems she encountered during breastfeeding due to a retained placenta and lack of hormones, how doula training brought balance back into her life, and the struggles mothers and partners face finding community and support today’s individualized culture.

We talk about why postpartum support is absolutely negotiable, why you might want a postpartum doula, and how to get the support you need even if there aren’t a lot of resources in your community.

In This Episode:

  • What a postpartum doula does

  • What a postpartum doula does not do

  • How mothers put pressure on themselves by setting unrealistic goals

  • How Kate dealt with increased anxiety during her postpartum transition

  • The struggles of breastfeeding and sleep deprivation for many new mothers

  • How a retained placenta affects a new mothers ability to nurse

  • How societal changes are affecting the fourth trimester

  • Considering a partner’s emotional needs during the birth cycle

  • Creating a support community for mothers and partners

  • Where to find support in the U.S. and internationally

  • How to build your maternity wardrobe with style and ease

Show Notes:

Mom Deconstructed on Instagram

Kate Turza on Facebook

La Leche League — U.S. Branch

DONA — International Doula Training

CAPPA — International Doula Certification

Trust Your Body Again – Motherbirth Course

Stitch Fix – Create a Style Profile and Have Clothes Delivered Right to Your Front Door









About Our Guest:

Kate is a mom of 3 beautiful, energetic, and loving kiddos, CAPPA certified postpartum doula, board member of East End Birth Network, Inc. (a recognized 501c3), and co-host of the Mom Deconstructed Podcast. After experiencing a trying postpartum period after her third child was born, she began her training to become a postpartum doula. Since then, she’s been providing support for new families as they transition into early parenthood. She’s passionate about normalizing the postpartum period, creating community to support new families, and pulling back the curtain of what “real” motherhood looks like.

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