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The Feminist Midwife — 050

LGBTQ, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Stephanie shares how she combines feminism & midwifery in a humanistic approach that empowers patients in their own sexual and reproductive health care.

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A Tale of Two Moms — 049

When Jannie and Carrie decided to have children they both hoped for the experience of being pregnant.   After multiple IUI and IVF fertility treatments for both of them, Carrie was finally the one to get pregnant.  The story of her pregnancy and how they both transitioned to motherhood together is raw and beautiful.

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LGBTQ, New Mama, Pregnancy

Meditation and Motherhood: A Mindfulness Journey — 048

Anna had always struggled with depression and while she had never previously used meditation as a tool, a timely connection opened her up to the world of mindfulness – and had a life-saving impact on her postpartum experience.

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Birth, New Mama

Complications in Pregnancy & Birth Despite a Healthy Lifestyle — 047

Today’s guest, Vanessa Evigan, was uncertain about her ability to conceive, given she was a bit older than most women who are interested in getting pregnant. As it turned out, she and her partner got pregnant on their very first try during their honeymoon.

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Birth, New Mama, Pregnancy

From Pregnancy Loss to an Unexpectedly Quick Birth — 046

Before birthing her daughter, Rooney, Emmy experienced several miscarriages. When she shared her story with the other women in her life she was surprised to find that half of them had also had miscarriages but never felt comfortable talking about it.

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Birth, Loss & Grief, New Mama

Mellisa’s Story: Homebirth After Stillbirth — 045

Throughout 5 pregnancies, 3 births and 2 babies, Mellisa has been emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually shaken and forced to evaluate what she really believes about birth and motherhood.

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Birth, Listener Faves, Loss & Grief, Pregnancy