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Adopting Children of Different Abilities — 054

Adoption, New Mama

Heather shares her emotional motherhood journey, how she raises children with different abilities and what it feels like to receive three miracles after adopting children with Down Syndrome.

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The Fifth Trimester — 053

During her first pregnancy, Lauren discovered a lack of resources for women who are transitioning back into their careers after having children and became determined to make a difference. “The Fifth Trimester” was born – focusing on the transitional and critical stage of going back to work.

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Birth, New Mama, Working Mama

A Mother’s Journey With Autism — 052

Ashley struggled with long-term postpartum depression that lasted through her second pregnancy and then received an unexpected autism diagnosis for her oldest child. She shares her struggles, her joys, and the contradictions of accepting and synthesizing both so other mothers who may be on a similar journey feel supported and know that they are not alone.

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New Mama, Women's Health

DIY Insemination & Choosing Your Own Path — 051

Dez experienced two birth stories – reminding us that every journey into motherhood takes us to the edge of ourselves and also awakens love we never knew we had.

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Birth, LGBTQ, Pregnancy

The Feminist Midwife — 050

Stephanie shares how she combines feminism & midwifery in a humanistic approach that empowers patients in their own sexual and reproductive health care.

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LGBTQ, Pregnancy, Women's Health

A Tale of Two Moms — 049

When Jannie and Carrie decided to have children they both hoped for the experience of being pregnant.   After multiple IUI and IVF fertility treatments for both of them, Carrie was finally the one to get pregnant.  The story of her pregnancy and how they both transitioned to motherhood together is raw and beautiful.

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LGBTQ, New Mama, Pregnancy