Healing After Infant Loss & Marriage Breakdown — 085

Sep 2

Returning guest Christa Gifford shares honestly about the challenges and healing she has experienced since the death of her daughter Goldie, which she shared with us in Episode 030.

After the unexpected breakdown of her marriage, Christa had no choice but to confront her own demons and look within to discover what really needed to be healed so that she could move forward as a whole woman.

Christa opens up about how they healed their marriage after betrayal and loss, what her personal practice of connecting with her body and cycle looks like, and how we can align with the natural healing power of our bodies.

We nerd out on cycle awareness and using our cycles as a healing tool, which is one of my favorite topics on the podcast these days! Christa does deep work with women and her wisdom and experience will impact you deeply, no matter where you are at in your journey.

You can also join Christa and I on Instagram LIVE on Friday, September 6th at 11:00am where we will answer all of your questions about healing, cycle awareness and whatever else comes up!

Show Notes:

Christa’s Website

Christa on Instagram

2019 Marriage Intensives

The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman

Join us LIVE on instagram September 6th at 11:00am PST for a follow up conversation!

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About Our Guest:

In the last decade, Christa has shifted her focus towards feminine wholeness, leading groups of women around the world to embody their femininity and sexuality. She uses movement, practices, meditations, soul integration, and spirituality to help women come home to themselves, flourishing sexually, emotionally, relationally, and physically.

Luke & Christa are certified in Intimacy and Attraction with Michaela Boehm and Christa is certified in Non-Linear Movement.

Their passion to restore marriages is very personal, feeling helpless for many years in their own marriage, unable to help it thrive.  After prioritizing their own healing and the healing of their relationship, Luke and Christa now feel like they won the marriage lottery, gaining the tools to live out a relationship that brings life, intimacy, is full of attraction, growth, and deepest love.

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