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Sep 18

After a standard, run-of-the-mill pregnancy and birth in the US, Lisa and her family moved to Sweden to reset their life and find better balance.  Despite having prepared for her second birth with Hypnobirthing, Lisa never expected to have an accidental homebirth, let alone a pain-free birth experience.

Lisa has learned a lot about navigating the perinatal period in another culture, and helps other women tell the stories of birthing abroad through her blog Knocked Up Abroad.  With such different birth experiences, she believes in advocating for yourself but also in trusting that things will happen how they are supposed to – ignorance can sometimes be bliss.  😉


In This Episode:

  • How having two completely different birth experiences in the US and in Sweden inspired her to help women tell the stories of giving birth abroad

  • Loved having an epidural on her first birth

  • The “I Can’t Do This” moment and how it happens to everyone

  • Finding a postpartum/newborn care arrangement with your partner that preserves your emotional connection

  • Determining whether another culture is going to be a good fit for your parenting style and ideals

  • Navigating how different prenatal care and birth customs were in Sweden vs the US

  • Choosing not to be weighed during pregnancy

  • How Hypnobirthing unexpectedly enabled her to have a pain-free birth at home (accidentally)

  • Feeling disconnected from the postpartum bonding period after such an unexpected whirlwind birth – the feeling of “how did this happen?”

  • Recognizing that you are a different person each time you give birth


Show Notes:

Knocked Up Abroad – The Books

Buy Knocked Up Abroad on Amazon

Trimester at Sea – Story of Being Pregnant While Sailing











About Our Guest:

Lisa Ferland has lived in Sweden since 2012 with her husband and two kids–a Lego lover and a Pippi Longstocking–where they continue to enjoy the beautiful Swedish countryside and Baltic Sea. She is the editor and publisher of the Knocked Up Abroad series and loves connecting with mothers around the world. Read more at knockedupabroad.eu.





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