Empowering VBAC, Recurrent Loss & Being a Foster Family — 074

Sep 10

Today’s guest, Evan Manskey, always wanted a family but doubted her body’s ability to have children. When she experienced excessive bleeding during her first two pregnancies, both of which ended as miscarriages, she was overcome with anxiety and fell into depression. She and her husband decided to take a break from trying to conceive. 

Today, Evan and her husband have two sons and they are also foster parents to children who need temporary homes with loving families. During our conversation, Evan shares her emotional story of beating the odds, her difficult but beautiful transition into motherhood, how she fulfilled her desire to have a vaginal birth after a Cesarean (VBAC), and how fostering children affects family dynamics.

In This Episode:

  • The courage to try again after two miscarriages

  • Overcoming anxiety and depression during the journey to motherhood

  • How she found support and friendship in online communities

  • The major life shift a new mother experiences

  • Having a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

  • How her doctor decided to dismiss her as a patient

  • The benefit of surrounding yourself with encouraging people

  • The empowering feeling of giving birth on your own terms

  • The work of attachment in foster care

  • What it is like to mother a child that is not your own knowing they will soon leave

  • How to build your maternity wardrobe with style and ease

Show Notes:

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About Our Guest:

Evan is a wife and mother living in Texas. Her road to motherhood has been beautifully bumpy. In addition to her 2 biological children, she’s welcomed 5 foster children into her home and continues to do so. Evan is a former 5th grade math teacher and current PTO board member, tiny online business owner, substitute teacher, and community volunteer.


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