In Embodied & Whole Healing sessions, I create a safe and accessible way for women to explore their own healing by reclaiming the connection to their bodies and learning the vital skills necessary to live from a deeply embodied, whole place.

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Many teachings equate embodiment with being aware of the body or with attunement to physical sensation.  But embodiment is the blend of awareness, emotion and physical sensation.  In order to fully embody ourselves, we need to open to all three of these qualities. 

This journey into deep contact with ourselves is profound but often uncomfortable as we discover places within ourselves that have been abandoned or wounded.

heal from trauma

Inhabiting ourselves allows us to begin observing and healing these wounds that we have inevitably gathered along the way. Deeply disconnected due to cultural conditioning, personal trauma, religious programming and so much more, many women have ignored these wounds and the impact they have on our bodies. I will guide you in gentle healing & release techniques and claiming the ground of your body.

find your innate wholeness

This healing journey into the depths of ourselves gives us access to our wholeness - an aspect of ourselves that is unbroken, unwounded. We learn how to inhabit this ground and return to it even when we become stressed or wounded.

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inhabit yourself fully


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you experience shame related to your body

you are easily overwhelmed by your emotions

you live mostly in your mind

you have unexplained or chronic pain within the body

you are sensitive to the energy of others and struggle with boundaries

you have had experiences of abuse, pregnancy loss, disordered eating or birth trauma

Together, we will explore your healing journey through guided meditation, customized embodiment practices & intuitive healing techniques. If we are working together in person, some techniques may involve gentle touch.


work with me

is for you if...

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- kim


Before working with Mellisa I felt disconnected from my body and my feminine power... In each session you get to experience deep compassion, love, and shedding. I am feeling more connected to myself in a way that I have never felt.


- lauren

I came to Mellisa when I was absolutely devastated from my divorce. She helped me work through the trauma and release all of that negative energy that had me paralyzed and depressed. I literally feel like a new human as a result of our working together.


- Jared

Mellisa opened the door for me to do the deepest work I have ever done. She held a sacred space for me to explore my fears, strengths and power. I cannot recommend her enough!!! 

Meditation & Embodiment Guide - Realization Process Teacher Training (2020 - Current)

Certified Herbalist & Energy Healer - Self Heal School of San Diego

Professional Doula - Birthingway College of Midwifery

Holistic Pelvic Energy Practitioner - Tami Lynn Kent

Vaginal Steam Facilitator - Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

Transformational Coach - The Master Coaches Academy

Transformational Facilitator - Womben Wellness Institute

Professional Certifications:

Additional Trainings:

Activate Your Inner Jaguar (Nervous System Training)
with Kimberly Johnson

Polyvagal Theory of the Nervous System
with Jennifer Samore

The Art of Fearless Intimacy
with John Wineland and Kendra Cunov


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