Conscious Parenting and Healing Ourselves — 081

Jul 8

Host Mellisa Reeves and guest Tamara Iglesias of Welly Nest, a conscious parenting coach, explore how motherhood brings up all of the unresolved issues in our lives and how conscious parenting serves as an invitation to heal our own selves.

Tamara believes that “parenting is our greatest opportunity to evolve. In this episode, we explore how motherhood triggers our childhood wounds, beliefs about the world, and even our own inadequacy as mothers. If motherhood is an opportunity to evolve, to transform, then these triggers are the catalysts that enable this transformation. Healing our own wounds is the way forward, instead of getting caught up in the distractions of reacting to our children’s behaviors and the anxiety so many of us experience. If you’ve ever felt in the trenches of motherhood and didn’t know how to find your way through the dark, this conversation will be like seeing a glimpse of light for the first time in awhile.

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Show Notes:

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About Our Guest:

Tamara Iglesias is the founder of Wellynest, a conscious parenting company dedicated to raising whole beings from the very beginning. Coaching mothers and fathers alike, Tamara helps empower families to live happy and nourished lives.

Tamara’s mission is to shift the way we raise our children by bringing the awareness of self into the parenting journey.  As parents, when we heal ourselves, we can heal our children and ultimately heal the world. Consciously parenting from a place of respect, cultivating deep trust and creating healthy boundaries is essential. When parents are supported on their own healing journeys and inspired to use conscious words, act with intention and slow down to spend quality time, children can develop into fully-realized, emotionally healthy adults. Parenting with conscious intention helps the entire family thrive.

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