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Embracing the Creativity of Birth and Early Motherhood — 037

Birth, New Mama, Working Mama

Breena’s difficult postpartum recovery, both physically and emotionally, was a catalyst for opening up about the challenges of embracing becoming a mom.

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NICU Nurse Becomes NICU Mom – 034

When her daughter was born after another traumatic labor and cesarean delivery, Heather was forced to face all of her fears as a NICU nurse as her daughter had totally unexpected respiratory complications and ended up in the NICU where she fought for her life for a couple of weeks.  

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Birth, Premature, Working Mama

Of Sperm Donors, Cesareans & VBAC’s – 024

A mother shares her journey of conceiving through a sperm donor, of her homebirth turned c-section and what she learned from two very different experiences of birth.

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LGBTQ, Women's Health, Working Mama

Birth On Two Different Islands – 023

After experiencing two totally different births as a military expat, a mother discovers her love for helping women find the support they need as they transition to motherhood.

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Birth, New Mama, Working Mama

Reluctant Motherhood – 022

A mother shares her journey from being unsure about ever wanting kids due to her independent lifestyle and personal goals to experiencing how surprisingly rewarding and enjoyable being a mother was.

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Birth, Working Mama

Mothering with Baggage – 020

A mother and doula shares her journey through a troubled childhood with a mentally ill single mom through to the empowering experience of birth with her second that led her to pursue non-judgmental birth support.

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Birth, New Mama, Pregnancy, Working Mama