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Maternal Mental Health, Postpartum Anxiety and OCD — 072

Birth, New Mama, Women's Health

When Dr. Kat experienced postpartum depression after the birth of her first child she was unsure exactly what was happening. Like many women, she felt ashamed…And as a psychologist, she thought she should be able to figure it out on her own.

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Motherhood, Body Image and Diet Culture — 071

Ellen has spent most of her career working with women through the deep-rooted confusion that can lead to eating disorders and body image issues. She helps women sort through the culturally handed-down and media-driven information that has created unrealistic ideals of what it means to be a woman.

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Love After Babies, New Mama, Women's Health

You Are Not Biologically Designed To Do Motherhood Alone — 070

For Megan, starting a conversation and raising awareness about the importance of community during motherhood is essential. Her organization aims to offer resources and community to modern mothers to help them thrive in their transition to motherhood.

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New Mama, Pregnancy, Women's Health

The Women Who Are Ushering Midwifery Back into the Mainstream — 069

Nell knew she should follow the path to midwifery and has dedicated her career to creating a homebirth model in a small hospital setting. Denise is a midwife in a hospital in The Bronx. She assists women from marginalized areas of society gain access to a midwife in high-risk pregnancies. And Sharon is Chief of the Midwifery Division and oversees a midwife education program at Baystate Medical Center.

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Birth, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Peyote In Labor, Feminism, and Running Away From the Army — 068

T’Karima believes that birth is a ceremony. Missy is a certified midwife who serves all people. Mary Rose is a nurse/midwife who left the Army at 18 when she became pregnant after being raped. All three are birth workers who embrace respecting a woman’s cultural heritage and traditions.

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LGBTQ, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Gentle, Empowering Cesarean Birth — 067

Ashley Logsdon, had always wanted to have children and in the most natural way possible. During our conversation, she details each of her three birth stories – all of which took unexpected turns in the opposite direction of her birth plans.

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Birth, New Mama, Women's Health