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Castor Oil Packs for Menstrual Health

Menstrual Health, Womb Healing, Women's Health

Castor oil packs are a powerful tool for promoting healthy menstruation, easing menstrual discomfort such as cramping and tension, and helping heal conditions such as PCOS and fibroids.

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Embodied Gift Giving Guide

Let go of any stress you feel about holiday shopping and dig into this gift guide – my highly curated collection of products to cultivate embodiment through ritual, pleasure and presence. You might find a thing or two for yourself, as well!

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Embodiment, Sexuality, Women's Health

Embodiment in the Time of Covid — 086

Usha Anandi’s journey into feminine spirituality and embodiment began with her own story of trauma and numbness. Desperate to understand what was wrong in her body, she has traveled all around the world and learned from master teachers to bring ancient wisdom into the modern age.

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Cyclical Living, Embodiment, Women's Health

How to Raise Empowered Daughters — 083

Jessica Connolly shares her inspiring story of raising 4 daughters to be connected to their feminine power and potential, and how that is possible to cultivate at any age. Mellisa & Jessica describe a one-of-a-kind new project designed for mothers who want to empower their daughters to form a vital, healthy connection to the sacred power of the feminine cycle.

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Conscious Parenting, Healing, Women's Health

The Eating Instinct – Motherhood and Diet Culture — 080

Virginia Sole-Smith frequently wrote diet articles for women’s magazines but much of what she wrote never rang true for her. Then, when her first child was born with a rare congenital heart condition and wouldn’t eat on her own, she began to connect the dots of how outside influences can alter our bodies’ natural instincts to nourish and satiate ourselves.

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Love After Babies, New Mama, Women's Health

Breaking Down Barriers to Equal Access to Reproductive Health Care — 079

Few people have the tenacity and the resolve to recognize a gap in women’s health care services and then break down the barriers to fill the gap and find a place for themselves amid the new design. But, that is exactly what today’s guest, Director of Midwifery Care, Nikia Grayson, CNM, DNP, MPH did at CHOICES — Memphis Center for Reproductive Health in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Birth, Pregnancy, Women's Health