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Peyote In Labor, Feminism, and Running Away From the Army — 068

LGBTQ, Pregnancy, Women's Health

T’Karima believes that birth is a ceremony. Missy is a certified midwife who serves all people. Mary Rose is a nurse/midwife who left the Army at 18 when she became pregnant after being raped. All three are birth workers who embrace respecting a woman’s cultural heritage and traditions.

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The Surrogate Journey: Part 1 “A Carrier Story” — 061

Sara Rosser has experienced motherhood through midwifery, childbirth, adoption, and surrogacy. Our conversation about birth trauma and the oh-so-common desire for a “birth re-do” is so incredibly important – and will resonate with so many women.  

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Adoption, Birth, Pregnancy

Vaginal Breech Birth – 3 Times — 060

In this exciting episode, Jessica describes her four births, three of which were vaginal breech births! Her bicornuate uterus, which is in the shape of a heart, is a hereditary trait that makes it less likely a baby will be able to change position later in pregnancy. By trusting herself and her body, she has given birth in hospitals, a birthing center and at home.

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Birth, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Vaginal & Cesarean Twin Birth — 056

Amy Griffith had long used the calming power of yoga and relaxed breathing in her daily life as a professional dancer. As a mom, the techniques became even more valuable to her both during birth and after. But when threatened with a court order unless choosing a Cesarean birth for her twins, Amy was faced with a difficult – and stressful – decision.

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Birth, New Mama, Pregnancy, Women's Health

DIY Insemination & Choosing Your Own Path — 051

Dez experienced two birth stories – reminding us that every journey into motherhood takes us to the edge of ourselves and also awakens love we never knew we had.

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Birth, LGBTQ, Pregnancy

The Feminist Midwife — 050

Stephanie shares how she combines feminism & midwifery in a humanistic approach that empowers patients in their own sexual and reproductive health care.

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LGBTQ, Pregnancy, Women's Health