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Miscarriage & Complicated Pregnancy and Birth — 078

Birth, Loss & Grief, Pregnancy

When her water broke during her 16th week of pregnancy Kate was placed on home bed rest. Then at 27-weeks, she experienced such an intense bleeding that she was placed in a high-risk perinatal unit where she was told by hospital staff that she was the most complicated, naturally-conceived pregnancy they had ever experienced.

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I Had a Miscarriage — 077

Dr. Jessica Zucker is a well-known psychologist who specializes in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health. She practiced clinically for years before her own 16-week miscarriage offered her a new perspective on the many aspects of loss and how it touches every part of a woman’s life.

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Loss & Grief, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Storytelling as Healing for Trauma — 063

Laura’s research in her doctoral program have led her to focus her doctoral project on creating an important space in our community – giving women who have had traumatic birth stories a chance to find growth and healing through processing and integrating the birth experiences they have already had.  

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Birth, Loss & Grief, Women's Health

Loss, Adoption, Cesarean Birth & Foster Parenting — 058

During today’s episode, Natalie Brenner shares the joy, sadness, and grief she has experienced during her biological, adoptive and foster care motherhood journeys.

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Adoption, Birth, Loss & Grief

From Pregnancy Loss to an Unexpectedly Quick Birth — 046

Before birthing her daughter, Rooney, Emmy experienced several miscarriages. When she shared her story with the other women in her life she was surprised to find that half of them had also had miscarriages but never felt comfortable talking about it.

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Birth, Loss & Grief, New Mama

Mellisa’s Story: Homebirth After Stillbirth — 045

Throughout 5 pregnancies, 3 births and 2 babies, Mellisa has been emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually shaken and forced to evaluate what she really believes about birth and motherhood.

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Birth, Listener Faves, Loss & Grief, Pregnancy