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Mellisa’s Story: Homebirth After Stillbirth — 045

Birth, Listener Faves, Loss & Grief, Pregnancy

Throughout 5 pregnancies, 3 births and 2 babies, Mellisa has been emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually shaken and forced to evaluate what she really believes about birth and motherhood.

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Laura’s Story: The Difficult Path to Becoming a Midwife — 042

During this episode, Laura shares the intimate details of her personal journey, her ups and downs, how her determination has paid off, and the reason she energetically advocates for women’s healthcare issues.

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Listener Faves, Women's Health

Getting the Sex, Intimacy, Healing, and Support You Need After Birth — 040

Kimberly Johnson shares how she empowers herself and others to become physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually aware of their wants and needs during postpartum and offers empowerment tips for women who want to gain or regain intimacy in their sexual relationships.

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Listener Faves, New Mama, Women's Health

How Becoming a Mother Helped These Women Find Careers They Love — 039

In this special episode, we chat with three expert guests who share insights about how they create family traditions that are in alignment with their beliefs and personal values and how they navigate through the trappings of cultural norms at this time of year.  

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Listener Faves, New Mama, Working Mama

Becoming Us: Your Relationship After Birth — 036

Elly shares the dark and challenging times of her own transition to motherhood in this honest conversation – and also shares the hope and potential she sees for families after years of working with her own partner and with other couples.  

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Listener Faves, Love After Babies, New Mama

Mellisa’s Story: Stillbirth at 42 Weeks – 031

Mellisa openly shares her story of birth, loss, and grief as she and her partner experienced the stillbirth of her second son.

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Birth, Listener Faves, Loss & Grief