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Cyclical Living & Intentional Motherhood — 084

Conscious Parenting, Cyclical Living, Healing

April McMurtry, creator of The Moon Is My Calendar, goes deep on how the moon serves as a guide to us on the journey of cyclical living and awareness, and how we can bring this awareness into our relationship with our daughters.

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How to Raise Empowered Daughters — 083

Jessica Connolly shares her inspiring story of raising 4 daughters to be connected to their feminine power and potential, and how that is possible to cultivate at any age. Mellisa & Jessica describe a one-of-a-kind new project designed for mothers who want to empower their daughters to form a vital, healthy connection to the sacred power of the feminine cycle.

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Conscious Parenting, Healing, Women's Health

Conscious Parenting and Healing Ourselves — 081

Host Mellisa Reeves and guest Tamara Iglesias of Welly Nest, a conscious parenting coach, explore how motherhood brings up all of the unresolved issues in our lives and how conscious parenting serves as an invitation to heal our own selves.

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Conscious Parenting, Healing, New Mama