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The Surrogate Journey: Part 2 “An Intended Family Story” — 062

Adoption, Birth, New Mama

After several miscarriages during the IVF process and discovering she had a rare blood disorder, Sibyl investigated surrogacy – a practice illegal in most of the world. Sibyl opens up candidly about the emotional, physical, and mental toll she experienced on her motherhood journey.

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The Surrogate Journey: Part 1 “A Carrier Story” — 061

Sara Rosser has experienced motherhood through midwifery, childbirth, adoption, and surrogacy. Our conversation about birth trauma and the oh-so-common desire for a “birth re-do” is so incredibly important – and will resonate with so many women.  

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Adoption, Birth, Pregnancy

Vaginal Breech Birth – 3 Times — 060

In this exciting episode, Jessica describes her four births, three of which were vaginal breech births! Her bicornuate uterus, which is in the shape of a heart, is a hereditary trait that makes it less likely a baby will be able to change position later in pregnancy. By trusting herself and her body, she has given birth in hospitals, a birthing center and at home.

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Birth, Pregnancy, Women's Health

Homebirth Story & Choosing the Right Birth Environment — 059

In this episode, self-proclaimed birth junkie, Yukie McGregor shares the inspiration behind her Dallas Birth Guide and the Birth Community that it created, her primal first birth experience and the relief she felt after talking with a therapist after bouts of postpartum started to creep into the first few months after having her baby.

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Birth, New Mama, Women's Health

Loss, Adoption, Cesarean Birth & Foster Parenting — 058

During today’s episode, Natalie Brenner shares the joy, sadness, and grief she has experienced during her biological, adoptive and foster care motherhood journeys.

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Adoption, Birth, Loss & Grief

PTSD & An Empowering Planned Cesarean — 057

Bonding immediately after birth is an indescribably special and important time. Rebecca walks us through her unique experience struggling with the length of her physical and emotional recovery after missing these crucial first moments. We’ll talk about unanticipated trauma, the importance of mental health and community support, and how to grow empowerment.

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Birth, New Mama, Women's Health