Navigating Family Expectations – 009

May 15

Carolina had heard all about what it would be like to have a baby from her grandmother – and had no idea how it was setting her up to have her expectations sorely disappointed.  As she struggled through the initial months of motherhood, she found herself confronting these expectations one by one.

In this episode, we talk about trying to fit your family (and child) into a mold that doesn’t actually work for you, and learning to accept who your child is and what’s going to work for your unique family.  Now, with her second child, Carolina has learned a lot about going with the flow and speaking up for herself in a traditional, outspoken family.

Sleep when the baby sleeps only works if the baby sleeps, we discover in this conversation – it’s full of relatable tidbits that every mother will find encouraging!


Show Notes:

Carolina’s Article at The Good Mother Project









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