Body Love & Plus Size Birth – 005

Apr 17

This weeks guest is a body love advocate and childbirth educator whose passion is creating resources and community for plus size moms after her own experience of pregnancy and birth as a plus size mom.

When Jen was pregnant she was shocked to realize that there weren’t any positive or supportive online resources for plus size pregnancy, and that navigating health care relationships and choices were tremendously difficult due to the biased assumptions that care providers made about her and her health.

She was determined to have a normal, natural birth, however, and spent her pregnancy preparing physically, emotionally and mentally.  Not only did she experience a beautiful, empowered birth, she also used this transformative experience to guide her towards the work she does today.

Jen has helped many women find support, guidance and community during their motherhood journey, and she shares her story with a compassion and eloquence that is moving.  Her mission will resonate with all mothers regardless of size – we all struggle with loving our bodies through the transitions of motherhood.


Show Notes:

Plus Size Birth – Jen’s Website

My Plus Size Pregnancy Online Course – Listen to the episode for a special discount for our listeners!

Guide to Size Friendly Providers – Subscribe here

BRAIN Acronym – a helpful tool for making decisions during labor

Peachie Moms – Jen’s Body Love Project

IBCLC – Lactation Consultant Resources

Amy Schumer Video – Mom Compliments 😉

10 Tips for Body Love


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